I deleted the app but see charges in my Shopify invoice!

Sometimes you might notice charges for the app even after you delete it.

This might come a bit surprising and here is why these things happen: Upsell and Cross-sell Products by Exto utilizes usage-based billing model which means you only pay-as-you-go. You also might have noticed the billing information coming every day. This is a standard practice for usage-based billing. 

To cut it short, you are using the app every day and each day you receive billing information, however this doesn't mean you pay every day. The billing notifications come for information purposes only. The important thing to understand is that app developers don't actually receive any payments from merchants directly. All payments are collected and managed by Shopify platform, which uses 30-day billing cycles to collect payments from merchants and only after that distribute between its own services and app developers. 

That is why a merchant might delete the app on, say, March 25 but the charges will still appear on the merchant's Shopify invoice on April 4. This happens because Shopify collects payments for the services provided before March 25 in its April billing cycle. 

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