How does the billing work? billing consists of 2 parts: 
Flat charge $19 per month + 2.9% of the sales generated by the app ( App-Driven Sales )
Max possible amount to be charged is limited to $519, i.e. if the app brings you $17,241 the charge will make $500 + $19 flat. However in case App-Driven Sales make, say, $50,000 the charge will still cap to $519.

For clients who joined after October 15
Percentage of sales (POS) billing model.
There is no breakdown into different plans anymore. Now the app takes a 2.9% share off all sales generated by (App-Driven Sales). 
No sales = no charges. Fair and simple. 
If the amount to charge (2.9% of the App-Driven Sales) is higher than $999.99 the charge is cut down to it.  In other words, the app can't charge over the $999.99 limit even if the actual amount is higher.

For older clients we utilize usage-based billing
Important: migration to the new POS billing is available on demand. Please contact our Support Team at to switch from Usage-Based to POS.
We use 30-day cycles to identify the current plan. There are 5 plans with thresholds for views / impressions.
  • 0-500 FREE
  • 501-5,000 $29.99/month
  • 5,001-20,000 $69.99/month
  • 20,001-100,000 $149.99/month
  • 100,000+ $249.99/month
Shifting between the plans is automatic once you reach the threshold. Automatic shifting is important to ensure uninterrupted service in daily operations and during your store's marketing campaigns. 
For example: 
 You reach 501 views on day 5 and the app switches you to 501-5,000 views plan with the charge of $29.99
Then on day 20 you score over 5,001 which takes you up to 5,001-20,000 plan with $69.99/month cost. However the previous charge is being included into the new one so it makes $40 = 69.99 (the new plan cost) - 29.99(already charged with the previous plan)
Thus you are on the fitting plan with the straight cost $69.99
When the next 30-day period comes the meter is dropped to 0 again and starts counting from the scratch. 
Important: All actual charges are extracted by Shopify platform. Considering they have their own invoicing periods which do not match with our standard 30-day cycles (cycle for a store which installed the app on day 1 of the month will be different from the one which added us on day 15) the numbers in each specific Shopify invoice might be different from the ones in the plans because of that. Please see Billing Page in the app's admin for the most accurate information on all charges.

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